When I think about ABOUT I think about Now and the Present but people say People want some Background.

Public art, lots of projects successfully completed over about thirty years, Private commissions; fewer but many and Exhibitions; many and many more to come.

And Background; a London childhood; usual stuff, school and go-karts in Richmond park with friends. Influential Indian journey at 18; Bath Academy to study Sculpture which kick-started a lifetimes interest and career. A job, once, as a technician at Farnham Art School and then freelance since 1984.

Materials; wood, steel, glass and other semi precious metals all towards sculpture. Carving, casting, forging and cutting; looking and seeing. Making Sculpture. Several workshops but current one for 27 years. Visitors welcome on fridays.

Domestic stuff might include Sheds and dogs, houses and a happy family; mountain bikes motor cycles and bad drumming. 

And for Now an opportunity to immerse myself in Sculpture and find out what It Is, again and again with exhibitions lined up and lots of work to do.

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