In the Field

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This project was unusual in that it was one of the very few that came through an open application that was advertised in the Artists Newsletter. I was one of three artists commissioned to make artworks for the villages of North and South Kestevan by North Kestevan DC in what must have been 1997. The project was managed by Nick Jones, Cultural Development Officer and funded by the Arts Council with some local contributions.
I based the sculpture on the shape of the village map showing the layout of the surrounding fields and included icons that referred to the nature of the place.
I welded images onto the frame-work that I had cut out of steel with my ‘gas axe’, signifying ideas that had arisen during public consultation and personal research into the neighbourhood The natural flora and fauna speak for themselves but some of the images are very site specific. For example the man with a stick is the flying ace Douglas Bader who spent time in the village hospital during the war. The twin-engined Mosquito fighter-bomber crashed in the village as it was returning to the local RAF base, from a wartime mission It is also a reference to the fact that this was bomber country during the war. The ears of wheat refer to the grain producing history of the area as does the windmill. Also shown in photographs is the original model for the sculpture that was based upon a harrow that had been lent to me by the farm where I lodged during the early stages of the project. The figure dancing on the top is named after Tom Lane a road that linked North and South Rauceby. The idea was rejected by the locals most of whom were incomers as too divisive as they liked to see the village as just Rauceby even though he is dancing and carries an N and an S in either hand.
As maintenance needed to be minimal I left the sculpture to weather naturally ie to Rust in Peace.