The Workshop

I have been in 'The Barn' (GU10 4HJ) my workshop, studio and creative hub since 1990 and every so often spend time improving it. Last year. for the winter I installed a powerful wood burning stove and insulated the new annex that I built in 2000! This allowed me to work all through the winter on a new body of work which is my ongoing intention. I have just installed a 9000 lumen LED light that makes it possible to see better and take photographs for publicity purposes. With the doors closed I am sealed off, able to focus on the work but a few steps outside reveals that spring has come round again the buds are exploding into life, the river chuckles by and inspiration flows.

The Studio

The Studio

New work

Having spent most of the year working on new pieces for exhibitions this summer  I am now starting to makephotographs of the evolving work. As always they are never good enough but  I am going on a mini photo course to learn about photographing my work as part of the Surrey Artists organisation later in the month. Made some extremely accurate pieces of glass to fit into the voids. Great because I didn't know you could cut concave curves.

A little introduction to me and my work

My work forms an unbroken chain since 1984 that has involved completing large scale public art commissions as well as exhibitions of my own sculpture.

But this site is to be focused on  a new body of work with the aim of making everything I have never made before. So, although a lot is happening in the studio which is filling up with evolving pieces of Sculpture; using steel, stainless and mild, brass and glass and some wood; it is quite bare, like an empty gallery awaiting work for an exhibition.

And that is the intent. To make work for Exhibitions large and small.

I am feeling free of my past life in public art instead drawing on the freedom that is left in its wake. These pages are correspondingly free of my usual catalogue of past work because I am finding that it does not represent my current direction and might  be misleading.

However some choice projects, exhibitions and sculptures can be found in the ARCHIVE. 

Beyond making and exhibiting sculpture I enjoy riding bikes in the woods and drumming badly. And of course selling work whenever possible!

The past ABOUT has been superseded by the present ABOUT and as that is about SCULPTURE I intend to keep this site up to date with images as they appear and a BLOG.   Richard F Feb 2017

Full on at the studio

Full on at the studio making new work for summer exhibitions at Moncreiff-Bray gallery in Sussex and at Fresh Air 2017 in Quennington. Dates to follow.