SAOS Resume

The Surrey Artists Open Studios (SAOS) earlier this summer has proved positive in many ways. Opening my studio in Dockenfield allowed exposure to local potential clients who were often surprised I’d been there for nearly 30 years; as well as welcoming people from further afield. I made a direct sale Talisman {see todays other blog post} and was left feeling optimistic. 

People were excited to see finished pieces as well as Sculptures in progress and I enjoyed talking to them about the energy that goes into the work. It was also good to find out a bit about the people who came. I had some interesting visitors and saw the networking potential in opening my doors like this.

I am now starting work on what is turning out to be a major commission as a result of one of the meetings; more to follow on that.

I will definitely do it again with SAOS and if you would like to be put on my mailing list I will keep you updated of future exhibitions and openings, contact me directly through