Richmond - Poet's Seat

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Poets Seat 1994 was a beautiful piece based upon an idea by Jane Fowles who worked with LUC, (Land Use Consultants.) It is located near Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park and was designed to reflect the meandering River Thames at Kew. It carries some of the text from James Thomsons ‘The Seasons’. ‘So let us trace the Matchless Vale of Thames’. Part funding came from a local lady in exchange for writing: For Ramon:- For here his gentle spirit lingers still.
Historically it is said that the spot was inspirational for the poet and the seat was commissioned as a celebration of his life and poetry. The words Poets Seat are also stamped onto it.
The seat is made up of expertly rolled conic rings to give the curving form an undulation as well. The roll-overs at either end are both safe, comfortable and good aesthetically. The work was finally zinc sprayed and galvanised before installation into a specially landscaped area of granite sets I also made some railings for the site with assistance from Bob Smith of Farringdon, Hampshire.
There are also three seats outside Henry VIII Lodge nearby that are made from wood as well as steel. Well worth a visit as, on a clear day, you can see St Pauls Cathedral through a clearing in the laurel hedge.
It was great for me to make something for the park not only because it was a prestigious project one but also because I spent a large portion of my childhood cycling and box-carting with friends there.

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